There's more to our business than designing and manufacturing valves.

Sure – this is the core element of our job. But our first goal is manufacturing satisfied customers. And this process begins earlier and ends way after the production and delivery of the final product. To begin with: We believe, that constant research is fundamental to face future challenges. That is why we maintain our own test centre, certified by the German Association for Technical Inspection. And it lead us to offer highly customised valves up to several meters in dimension for media temperatures over 620°C that can control pressures of up two 700 bar.

We know that we are working for branches where it is crucial to meet the highest requirements and quality standards where failures may result in massive costs and perhaps the loss of human lives. Even today, a power plant in Germany uses one of our valves manufactured in the 1920ies – and by the way, we can still deliver the spare parts.

When it comes to overhauling and service, we are there to help. We don’t hide behind bureaucracy and forms – although we’re Germans, because we know: Our time is your money.