Fittings and valves for the oil and gas industry

The economy has been growing worldwide for years – and with it the demand for derivatives from oil and gas. As a result, the oil and gas industry is increasing its processing capacities both in production and in refineries. As a globally established manufacturer of high-quality valves, PRUSS

has a large share in this growth with its products. This is because the German company offers globally active plant manufacturers and operators a comprehensive range of oil and gas applications.

Whether in onshore or offshore production, in refineries, in intermediate storage or in downstream processing: with over 100 years of experience, PRUSS is the expert for valves and fittings for the oil and gas industry. We make oil and gas handling safe and reliable. Because we know about the great responsibility and the challenges that plant operators in the oil and gas industry face every day. With our industrial valves, fittings and pumps, we help them not only to meet internal and external requirements, but also to fulfil their responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment. How? By balancing safety and operational efficiency.

Our broad portfolio for oil and gas applications includes valves for the separation and processing of gas, injection and withdrawal valves for gas storage facilities and caverns, gas pressure regulators for gas turbines and gas networks, as well as gas compressors and compressors – from the pump limit valve and the compressed bypass valve to the suction throttle valve.

With PRUSS, you not only benefit from flexible and application-specific solutions. We also ensure that valuable resources are reliably pumped and shut off under the highest safety standards – even under the most extreme conditions. For this reason, we offer you materials of high resistance to wear and corrosion, designed for the greatest demands and the toughest conditions.