This is how we deal with pressure.

Long story short? We deliver. Almost everything you need to control your process from standard condensate level control valves, through turbine bypass stations, steam turbine inlet emergency shut off and control valves, boiler safety valves, for up to 620 °C and 400 bar, precision anti surge valves up to 60” to high end fuel gas metering valves for high efficiency gasturbines, fulfilling leakage class VI with a controllability range up to 1:300 as well as Valves for oxygen and hydrogen applications. And for sure: all of them available with actuators from our own production. How we do that? We‘ll show you.

All about PRUSS

It's been a long way from him to hi-tech industrial valves. But some things have never changed.

Waldemar Pruss, born 1854

Model br 450, created 2020

Pressure is our business. Since 1889 we design, manufacture and supply precision control valves for almost every industrial need, focusing on the fields of power plants, oil-, gas-, iron and steel industry as well as petrochemicals. From the early inventions and products back in the 19th century to over 10.000 worldwide projects nowadays, there are four simple things we‘re always keeping in mind: stay flexible, be innovative, deliver the highest possible quality and earn the trust of your clients every day. Because we know: In our business, the pressure inside our valves isn‘t the only one to cope with.


We have designed thousands of different valves and actuators. So we decided to show you one of the biggest first.

We deliver solutions for almost every size, temperature, pressure and challenge. Custom designed and manufactured in Germany – and meeting the highest quality standards. Here you can find a variety of our products, from oil and gas valves for power plants to valves for cracker regenerators in the petrochemical sector as well as for any control valve applicaticon in the power to liquid sector.

Around the globe. And anywhere you need to control pressure. A brief information on places and clients.

Hanover might not be one of the best known cities in the world. But the world knows the valves that are manufactured in this underestimated corner of northern Germany. If you want to find out more on where Pruss valves and actuators are distributed and doing their daily job to keep pressure under control, simply choose one of the buttons below. And if you want to become a part of the Pruss success-story personally, the way might be shorter than you think.

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