Heating valves from PRUSS

Heating valves regulate the water supply in heating systems and radiators – and thus the flow rate and temperature in heating systems. Whether manual valves, thermostatic valves or vent valves, whether for regulating, shutting off or draining: PRUSS manufactures custom-fit valves for you in all sizes and pressure ratings, made of gunmetal and forged steel – including the corresponding thermostats from our own production as well as electric actuators up to smart actuators with web connection.

Heating valves with the “Made in Germany” label

PRUSS is an expert in the manufacture of customised control valves and actuators – with over 100 years of experience. Started in 1889 with the development and production of explosion-proof gas valves, Armaturenfabrik PRUSS soon concentrated on the manufacture and further development of heating valves and control valves. Based on this experience, we now offer our customers a level of quality that is not only exceptionally high, but has also established itself on the world market.

Thanks to highly efficient organisation, a lean corporate structure, fine-tuned teamwork and our state-of-the-art production, we easily adapt our control valves to the requirements of the industry. They enable us to fulfil even the most unusual special requests of our customers – with the shortest response and delivery times. Or to put it another way: in “customised” complete solutions, we have carved out a secure niche for ourselves in the large market for control valves or heating valves.

Two examples from our production:

PRUSS low-pressure control valve Fig.154 (PN10)
The regulating valve has a special feature: its presetting limits the maximum flow while maintaining the full stroke – almost proportional to the actuation of the manual control and the flow rate. The heating valve is suitable for hot water heating up to 120°C and for low-pressure steam heating up to 110°C and 0.3 bar overpressure.

PRUSS high pressure regulating valve Fig.120 (PN25)
The manual regulating valve is suitable for use on the radiator and in the line. This regulating valve also has a presetting that limits the maximum flow while maintaining the full stroke.