Perfecting precision of flow control


Perfecting precision of flow control

In August the new Edition of the Hydrogen Tech World has been published.
And the best of it, we are the coverstory.

The article refers not only about the developments of classic control valves,
but also the high-tech progression of POWER-to-X.

Hydrogen – is not only the name of a new generation of energy carrier. It also standig for challenges around hydrogen control valves. A particular risk for highly stressed pressure-bearing components is so-called “hydrogen embrittlement”. As a hydrogen valve manufacturer, since decades we have expertise in the use of hydrogen-compatible materials and in the development of sealing systems that are specially adapted to the high diffusion behaviour of hydrogen.

You want to know more about the interview? Read about our latest achievements in the world of hydrogen and let’s have a look at our new future industry.

Download the full version today at hydrogen tech world.

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